Rest assured



We operate the highest levels of security when handling your personal information. Our entire Team is acutely aware that the information we are exposed to is very sensitive and highly confidential. So not only are all 51 North staff bound by the same strict confidentiality agreements, but all company data is safely stored using secure data encryption technology.


Our primary responsibility is to ensure your safety and that of your passengers throughout your flight. And that means assessing and reducing any potential operational, security or financial risks.

Our Safety Management System and Emergency Response Planning, allow us to detect, and act upon, potential risks ensuring the safety of you and your passengers. We also provide comprehensive threat assessments for all flight activities and dedicated crew training in flight emergencies, fire, security and aviation first aid.

We are well practiced in entering countries of political unrest, and are able to provide support and specialist third parties to ensure your assets and personal security are maintained at all times.