The Highest Standards


Specialist Flight Crew

We have an uncompromising commitment to safety. Which is why we recruit, train and maintain only the very best specialist flight crew to uphold the highest aviation industry standards.

Each of our pilots is aircraft type-rated, and holds a valid Air Transport Licence issued by the Aviation Authorities.

Likewise, all of our crew undertake a comprehensive, recurrent training programme throughout their 51 North career. This includes both full motion-based simulator flight training and ground training, covering everything from aviation safety to first aid, to ensure all eventualities are catered for.

Regulatory Compliance

As aviation is a highly complex global industry, we understand there are a great number of regulations that must be met.

Our Team has vast experience in this field, and is fully versed in current and forthcoming legislative changes affecting the future operation of aircraft.

Whether your flight is domestic or international, we work closely with the relevant authorities ahead of time to ensure your aircraft is compliant and your obligations as an owner are met.